Coaching and Skills Development

A highly motivated and performing team has a direct impact on your bottom line.

Creating a culture that focusses on your people and supports, nurtures, enables and motivates them to achieve their best is linked to high levels of engagement and productivity.  Everyone has a critical role to play in a thriving organisation.

I feel very fortunate to have Karen Cairney as a coach, she has a very warm, insightful and professional approach, that enables you, and her, to get to the heart of any matter’ Katrina Castle, Head of Widening Access, Edinburgh Napier University – read full quote

Services Offered:

  • One to one coaching and mentoring
  • Team coaching and skills development
  • Group Facilitation

Karen Cairney has over 20 years’ experience of working with boards, executives in the not for profit sector and individuals coaching them to identify their strengths and how they can be applied within their organisations to achieve the greatest outcome.

Karen has developed her coaching and mentoring skills using different techniques including coaching conversations, team building sessions as well as tools learned through her time in the Thinking Environment.

KWC will work with your teams or individual team members to develop their insights and perspectives so they can achieve personal, and professional success.

‘Many of us can identify the key people who have guided or supported our growth and development, whether formally or informally, and I am no different.  There are too many to mention, however, I have had the privilege of being surrounded by strong female role models from my mother to Canadian Senator Nancyruth who at the beginning of my career taught me the value of education and supported me through that journey. Whether there are individuals we hold in high esteem or values and attributes we aspire to achieve, we are not treading our path alone’.
Personal reflection, Karen Cairney

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