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25 January: Strategic Fundraising for Leaders in Higher Education 2017

Strategic Fundraising for Leaders in Higher Education 2017 is a joint Universities UK and CASE Europe senior-level conference on how to develop and boost philanthropy in higher education institutions.

Investment and Governance

What should a leader look for in a case for investment in fundraising? Building on the advice provided in the Strategic Fundraising report, what are the critical and compelling aspects of the ask to leaders and those in Governance roles.

Karen Cairney, founder and Managing Director KWC Consulting Ltd will co-present with, Dale Cooper, Director Campaigns & Support Engagement, University of Reading.

Karen will share with you how she secured investment for the launch of a £100m campaign in her previous role at Edinburgh Napier University as well as her views on what leadership should expect from a Director of Development when asking for investment in fundraising and also what a Director of Development should expect from their institutions in return.

Finally, the commitment that Karen believes, as fundraising professionals, we all need to make to ensure success.

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